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Windsurfing Lessons & Training/Coaching

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Windsurfing Lessons & Training/Coaching


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Taken the Beginners course in windsurfing and don’t dare to rent & venture out to the sea on your own? Or drifted downwind and had to do the “walk of shame” back? Keep falling and dropping sail, sick & tired of embarrassing yourself? I totally hear you! Everyone will have gone through that stage of tough learning. Except that 99.99% of beginners would have quit themselves on the sport without even coming back for a 2nd or 3rd try. What Coach Rachel does is to teach you step by step, everything you need to know to progress safely, accompany you in the sea & dish out instructions right where you are. If you drift downwind, she’ll either sail back for you or paddle back. It’s 100% safe. Training is progressive according to windsurfer’s proficiency, mental state, motor skills etc. Sail sizes include 2m (for kids), 4m and 5.3m on a Bic Techno board (with daggerboard). The objectives are to progress to the point where the windsurfer owns his/her own equipment and is planing on the harness and harness lines. You can be sure that you have ready good advice from Coach Rachel’s 30yrs of windsurfing expertise. Training rates is per session $150 for 1.5hrs or (recommended) $1200 for 15hrs (you choose duration or 10 classes of 1.5hrs). It is possible to master windsurfing in a short period of time with effective and professional coaching, instead of mugging around by yourself “trial and errror” for a few years and still never plane. Read details at and WhatsApp her at +6597733045

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