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Our Passion

Rachel & Ker Wan have represented Singapore in Windsurfing for many years. Rachel is the 2001 Southeast Asian Games Silver Medallist for Windsurfing; 2002-4 Asian Windsurfing Tour Ladies Champion (M'sia & Indonesia) & 2004 SACA National Road Cycling Ladies Champion. For further info about the local scene and to read her personal website, see

Rachel is also the Pioneer to introduce SUP into Singapore in 2009 and SUP Yoga in 2013. Her first SUP & SUP Surfing experience was in Bali in July 2009, under Jankie's coaching, she was hooked on this new sport that was an off-shoot from windsurfing and surfing. She imported her first SUP board which was a Mistral Pacifico 11' as the windsurfing brands were also the first to start making SUP boards. She begged her windsurfing friends to try it. Before long, SUP became the most accessible and easily a noticeable popular sea sport in Singapore. She's the most experienced Stand Up Paddling instructor/coach with years of experience and she's constantly upgrading her own knowledge/skills. She also encouraged budding SUP instructors to be certified and wrote to ASI to conduct Instructor Certification courses in Singapore since 2013. She believes that SUP has such a broad spectrum of interest that includes not just high level racing, but also high quality learning (the foundation of everything!), family, kids, mileage and distance paddling, good paddling skills, safety and making SUP a life-long sport for every single person whom she teaches. Her passion is in teaching SUP and paddling with students who become her friends for health, joy and love. She's otherwise busy with her two kids who are also avid athletes with heavy training schedules.

What makes us different is that The Windsurfing Shop crew are totally passionate about our stuff! We Do what we sell & you will see us on the water lots. We are good sailors, lousy in business. We just want to spread the passion & enjoy the surfing lifestyle.