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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Lessons

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle Singapore

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Lessons


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Private 1 person, Private 2-persons Lessons or Small Group 3-persons Lessons are held at Beach at Car Park C3, East Coast Park.

Email rachel@welovewindsurfing Or WhatsApp +6597733045 to book your classes. 

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Singapore is the Ultimate place to SUP what with Summer all year round, flat water and kilometres of water. Pro SUP'ers, recreation or playing around with your kids, SUP is the way to go in Singapore. imagine 10 kilometers of uninterrupted waters with restaurants, pubs, water sports centres, cycling stations etc along the way. SUP, stop, SUP or SUP all the way - whichever way you want it to be. What other way to bring your toddlers (in life-jackets of course) out to sea than on SUP or simply, what sea-sports can your babies/kids do? Explore the ocean, teach them about environmental issues, check out other beaches and simply bonding together. No wind, no exercise? SUP 5km or 10km or 20km and see if you don't come back in a sweat and aching muscles. SUP is one of the best Cross-training and fitness anaerobic sports today. Ex-Olympians and current Olympic athletes SUP for fitness/core muscle training, cardio workouts and train their sense of balance. SUP can be mastered in 1 hour - easy to learn paddling techniques and then just, paddle! SUPs can be purchased from my surf shop or rented. We are the distributors for Fanatic, Exocet and Naish SUPs in Singapore (as well as some Southeast Asia countries). Email for stock availability and prices. 

Stand Up Paddling Lessons
(All SUP Rates include SUP Board, SUP Paddle, SUP Leash & PFD/Life-Vest)
1. Private 1 Person SUP Instruction (1.5 hours)………S$100
2. Private 2 Persons SUP Instruction (1.5 hours)………S$90 each
3. Group (3-10 persons) SUP Instruction (1.5 hours)………S$70 each

SUP is not just picking up a paddle and splashing around. Learn the proper techniques of paddling, balancing, turning as well as ocean safety/awareness. SUP allows one to gain maximum physical & health benefits via right paddling techniques. Learn to engage your core muscles and you'll find yourself burning calories and looking toned in no time.  It takes an hour to know the basics of SUP, 2 hours to copy the movements but it takes a lifetime to master it! The SUP Instructor will be with you during the full 1-half hours for maximum learning and safety. Beginner to Intermediate Trainings are available to you. 
Finally, you can be 100% sure you're getting the BEST INSTRUCTION here!
Lessons are available on Monday/Wed/Fri mornings and Saturday, mornings, please WhatsApp me at +6597733045 to arrange for a class. 

We're also available for off-site Corporate demos/events, off-site SUP rentals or small group SUP lessons or trainings at your Swimming Pool or private sea (Sentosa) or Yacht / Boat Charters (e.g. Southern Islands) etc for maximum 3-4 SUP boards per trip. Email me for a quotation.

Please note that if weather is too windy, choppy (rough seas) or stormy (with lightning), we will cancel or postpone all rentals & lessons even if you're already here. This is purely for safety reasons. Our first priority is your safety and of course, we want you to have lots of fun when the rough seas' are over! Please don't forget, we have to receive payment Bank Transfer (iBanking) before class because we've to organise logistics and instructors. No payment, no class!

 Why Learn from "Us"?

We have taught hundreds of people how to paddleboard successfully, within the hour, for 8 years in SG (we are the pioneer)! We have been windsurfing (competitively) for decades, we kitesurf and surf, we know what we are teaching! Trust the experienced waterman to lead you to standing and paddling within the 1-half hours classes. Our record is 100% success rate (including the kids) and we're talking about standing and paddling effectively in the open sea using their Core muscles. ALL our SUP instructors are all Certified by ASI in Level 1 and 2 (Exposed Waters) as well as Water Rescue. All our instructors are trained in First Aid and CPR. 

It is a reality that there are good and not-so-good instructors/coaches in every arena in this world. This is despite them being properly certified and having the qualifications. Not all certifying bodies have the integrity to maintain a high level of standard and ensure all instructors are themselves highly proficient before they teach others. We are aware of the industry and the various standards of teaching. We can hence assure you that our Instructors/Coaches are the best in Singapore, from teaching ability (Beginner to Advanced) to their own proficiency in SUP. All our instructors upgrade ourselves all the time, are top in SUP standards in SG, win SUP races and have a great wealth of knowledge in sports & are also instructors in other sports (Fitness bootcamps & yoga), body anatomy, nutrition and are truly exemplary leaders in our field. You'll be surprised that some 'other' instructors cannot paddle properly themselves, cannot communicate effectively, teach from the textbook, or bring out students in the storm etc i.e. dangerous methods. You deserve the best in SUP coaching & 100% safety, don't save on the little $. Learn from the Best at Windsurfing, Kitesurfing & SUP Singapore!

"The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

Why learn in the Ocean & not a lagoon? 

Many ask us what's the difference between learning in a lagoon and open sea? Anyone can stand and paddle in a lagoon where it's flat/enclosed and protected from the wind/current/waves. Are you confident of doing the same in an open ocean where there're waves, currents and wind. Add in the presence of fellow waterman such as windsurfers, kiters, kayakers and sailboats, will you falter? Once you learn the necessary skills of paddling successfully in the ocean, you are capable of paddling anywhere in the world, in any form of water. Jumpstart your SUP journey by doing it in the real ocean. You learn how to paddle upwind, parellel to waves and downwind (surfing). You'll learn how to read currents, read the ocean and protect yourselves against sudden weather changes. Some even catch a wave or two!  We have students who come to us after learning SUP through Groupon elsewhere or in the lagoon/canal and are not independent in the ocean. They almost always drift away from the club, cannot balance in the waves and fear the open ocean. Get your SUP journey right from the start. We don't want you to walk away thinking SUP is too simple due to not-so-good instructors.

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