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Pro Handle Grip for SUP Paddles 50% Discount!!

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Pro Handle Grip for SUP Paddles 50% Discount!!

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Phase 1: Reach

In the reach Phase the unnatural position of the not aligned wrist creates the obvious disadvantages: 
1) The athlete is limited when trying to  reach a position adequately advanced to start the pulling phase. 
2) There is a lateral imbalance of the whole body on the side of stroke due to the lowering of the elbow, and consequently of the shoulder and hip. 
Our Ergonomic Paddle System with Pro Handle Grip will allow you to reach at least one foot more advanced catching point! 
To reach the stoke catching point there will be no imbalance you will not have to make any effort to compensate this imbalance resulting in a less stressful and more efficient paddling and gliding on your board.



Phase 3: Pull

The underwater analysis of the pulling phase demonstrate that even the strongest athlete has difficulty to keep pulling in a perfectly straight trajectory during all the stroke. 
The Pro Handle Grip allows both to give more energy in all duration of pulling and to do it without wasting energy on a course not perfectly straight.
phase catch

Phase 2: Catch

The catching phase is the most important in the development of traction. 
In fact a more powerful initial part of the traction implies an higher pressure applied on the blade and thus the water will result more "hard" and will be a solid point of support for traction your board forward. 
But today: 
1 ) The wrist especially in this phase is totally not aligned and cannot pull with maximum force and efficiency. 
2 ) All the fingers cannot tighten the shaft. 
Our Ergonomic Paddle System with Pro Handle Grip allows you, since the beginning of the stroke, to use all your power as soon as the blade catch the water, optimizing your rowing and not dissipating energy!



Phase 4: Grip

You can be sure that your shaft will not suffer any reduction of its strength and you can use it safely on the waves!

Our research convinced us that the ergonomics of the existing straight shafts is absolutely not right!
The rowing standing up on the board with a straight shaft paddle forces the athlete into an extremely unnatural wrist position because the wrist of the lower hand is not aligned to the traction and it is also impossible to tighten the shaft properly with all the fingers.
Furthermore, the unnatural wrist position in rowing necessarily involves an equally unnatural lowering of the elbow, shoulder and hip.
The consequences at the level of physical stress and fatigue of these joints are easy to imagine!
The same can be said about the lack of performance due to trying to compensate the side imbalance involved by this unnatural position.


Many athletes with normal straight shaft having an excessive fatigue and a slow recovery after the exercise


Below please find the medical report regarding the benefits of using the Pro Handle Grip on paddles for Stand Up Paddle.

Injuries to the muscle-skeletal system during physical activities are avoidable.
Some damage may be affecting, alone or in combination, muscles,tendons, nerves, joints and spinal cord, reducing the effectiveness of the physical activity itself. To reduce the onset of such issues, beside a correct preparation of the athlete, it’s necessary to establish an effective postural strategy during the continuous movements of the limbs, trying to distribute evenly the weight and efforts over the entire body.
Additional benefits during sport and work activities are provided by the use of aids and materials with ergonomic properties that allow a reduced waste of energy, an optimal distribution of workload, and the limitation of muscle-skeletal injuries from overuse. All sportsmen using paddles or oars may find postural benefit from the innovative ergonomics of the Ergonomic Paddle System (EPS).
EPS allows a better grip by the hand due to the mandatory flexing of metacarpal-phalanges joints, phalanges and proximal and distal inter-phalanges joints, with thumb in opposition, thus increasing the capacity for water load and traction.
The ergonomic grip allows also to maintain in line the radio-carp and mid-carp joints, reducing the movements of counter-resistance responsible for micro-trauma of triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) and the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb (UCL); similarly reduced are the inflammations of tendons of the wrist and elbow, as epicondylitis, epitrochlear inflammation, Quervain’s Disease.
The correct hand grip of EPS is recommended for the prevention of the Pump Arm Syndrome and for reducing damages to the shoulder; in addition it allow a better balance on the table which ensures the uniform distribution of load-unload forces on the inter-vertebral discs during the postural sequences, possibly reducing pain on the lower spine.
A correct stretching and warm-up before any sport activity, and the avoidance of excessive workout, remain a useful recommendation.

Dr. Michele Berloco
MD Orthopedic-and Surgery

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