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SUP Yoga Classes

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SUP Yoga Classes


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SUP Yoga: First in Singapore!

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Beginning from 17 Feb 2013, we began Singapore's 1st SUP Yoga session at East Coast Park! Our SUP Yoga instructors, Nicole Chung (SUP Yoga Singapore) and Marian Ang (Trinity Ark), are not just 200TT Alliance Yoga Certified teachers, they are also ASI SUP Yoga certified, Water Rescue Lifeguards and First Aid certified. They are not just yoga teachers from studio bringing you to sea, they are the first and only ASI-certified SUP Yoga teachers in Singapore! Trust them to bring you through your ZEN moments! 
2 persons class $70 each
3 persons and more $55 each
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Adventure Paddlers @ Ohana at 131, Pasir Ris Road (Pasir Ris Beach)
 Board rental includes board and mini anchor (no paddle and no PFD). It'll be held 10-20m from shore and we will be paddling into position with our hands on a prone position. PFD is not required as it'll impede in performing Yoga poses. Do book for the Yoga session and make payment before class as we will not commence if there're less than 2 persons. Also, no payment, no class! Contact us for SUP Yoga retreats or private / small group sessions, Yacht SUP/SUP Yoga Southern Islands Outing or customised Corporate Programs.

Why SUP Yoga?

SUP Yoga combines yoga with the movement of the ocean as we practise on a SUP Board which is likened to be an oversized surfboard. Similarly enlightening, relaxing and yet challenging, SUP Yoga brings a new dimension to traditional yoga practised in studios. One now has to factor in the gentle movements of the ocean, flow with the rhythm and challenge one's balance in all the poses. SUP Yoga originates from the US where they sometimes drift along with the gentle current on a lake/river or anchor the boards out at sea. We will first issue each person with a SUP board and an anchor and if he/she already SUPs, the yoga certainly completes his/her total fitness regime.
Add the flexibility and core control to the cardio/power strokes of SUP. Those who have their own SUP boards just need to get an anchor from us and we're off hand paddling for about 25m out to sea, anchor our boards and we begin the yoga. Pranayama starts the practice and Yoga asanas (poses) are sometimes modified and class sequences arranged to suit the day's wave/wind condition. Occasionally, there will be splashes as someone falls into the sea during a pose. Finally, savasana on the sea...absolute bliss, peace and wind in the hair as we rock gently with the wave and let the mind rid itself of all stressful thoughts. What better way to end the week than yoga in the ocean? 

Who Should do SUP Yoga?
SUP Yoga is ideal for those who are curious about yoga (not done it, want to but don't like indoor exercises or cooped up in a studio). Some of us, including myself, could never do any indoor sport yet I was curious about yoga. I know I need to take care of my body yet I'm still engaging in power sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. Flexibility and core exercises seem necessary for my body's healing & recovery. When I first did it, I was hooked...the breeze in your face and hair, internalizing each pose and being one with nature at the same time is completely priceless. 
SUP Yoga is a challenge for those seasoned yogis who want more out of yoga. Imagine headstands and crow while flowing with the gentle wave and sometimes, choppy waters? It takes a brave heart, firm arms and a strong core. It's not easy replacing the mat with water and amateur/experienced yogis love this radical form of yoga that brings every fibre of their being into top gear.  
SUP Yoga is ideal for those rehabilitating from illness...Stand Up Paddling has been known to help breast cancer patients recover as the overhead straight arm pushing down/paddling motion exercises their lymph nodes and surrounding arm/breast areas. Similar to the benefits of dragon boating as a good sport for breast cancer patients, SUP paddling techniques bear semblance to dragon boating's. Combine SUP with SUP Yoga for the flexibility, core control and strengthening from the inside out, one's health can't get better! 
SUP Yoga is a fantastic complement to surfers (windsurfers, surfers, kitesurfers and SUP Paddlers) as we get stiff and tight muscles/joints from the powerful movements. SUP Yoga keeps us close to our passion i.e. ocean and it's where we belong, especially since most of us probably will get bored indoors in no time. We love the sun, sea and sun and yoga in these elements is like dancing in the twilight!

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