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Lifeline ID Safety Watch Tag for Athletes

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Lifeline ID Safety Watch Tag for Athletes


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Life today is fragile and uncertain. From medical conditions, fainting spells, "special kids/adults" to athletes who engage in dangerous sports...accidents can and do happen. Our Lifeline ID Stainless Steel (no rust) personalises your details, medical history/conditions so that anyone who finds you can immediately contact your next-of-kin and attend to your medical needs, particularly if you have allergies or known conditions. It is soft silicone that would fit most watches, easily transferable between watches and you can customise with any of the colours available. Throw in the last (1 or 2) lines to motivate you during training. Don't worry that it looks so "obvious", the text is small enough not to be visible to the person next to you. 

Maximum 6 lines
25 letters per line including space & punctuation. See examples in pictures.

Silver - $32

Black - $40

Include free local Smartpac SingPost with tracking. Upon order confirmation & payment, it takes 2 weeks maximum. 

Suitable for Triathletes, Marathoners, Mountain Bikers, Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, SUPers, Surfers, Skiiers, Cyclists, Sailors Open Sea Swimmers, Trekkers, Mountain Climbers and possibly anyone who values their life and the peace of mind of their loved ones. 

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