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ION Collision Element Vest SZ


ION Collision Element Vest SZ


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Features & Materials

. Side zipper
. L_Type Neoprene
. Segmented area
. PVC free Sheirex foam padding

Line Concept

ION VESTS are designed to cater to all levels of riding. Whether you´re looking for added buoyancy, or peace of mind when on the water, our range of multi-funtional VESTS will boost your confidence so you can take your riding to the next level. Forever pushing innovation and design, we take pride in the optimised construction and intricate details that ION believes make all the difference. Since 2011, we´ve made sure that all ION VESTS meet CE standards and pass the rigorous testing process according to PPD89/686/EEC. The ION VESTS will enhance your ride, give additional warmth and build your confidence. Ride hard, ride safe.

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