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Inflatable SUP Repair Service - Rates & See more.......

windkitesurfsup Singapore

Inflatable SUP Repair Service - Rates & See more.......

For more information and quotes, please email Ker Wan

with your photos of your SUP Board.

Types of repairs:

Small punctures, Faulty valve, Leaking seams, Blown seams, Handle replacement/repair.


Our repair service uses heat and pressure to seal blown out and leaking seams. We will need time for the glue to cure to it's maximum strength, before testing them in high pressure. This process cannot be rushed, as any uncured repair will weaken and open up again under high pressure. Please be patient about this.

It will take about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on our schedule.

We will contact you for drop off/ pick up. If you want to save the hassle of sending and picking up your SUP, we can help arrange a courier to pickup or send back to you at your cost.

Typical Cost

We will access each repair job and give you an indicative price before repair. In case we find more faults during repair, we will inform you immediately.The estimated cost of some common repairs are listed:

Small punctures                                            $30

Replacement of Faulty valve                          $60

Leaking seams                                              $60 onwards

Blown seams                                                $80 onwards

Fin box replacement                                     $100

Broken handle repair/ replacement               $50 onwards


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