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Easy Uphaul Line


Easy Uphaul Line


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Join everyone on the US Sailing Team and uphaul with a smile. Take it easy on your back. Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners. Design has been recently improved. Available in Blue and Black colours.
Go to to see how it works to make your upholding easier!
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Yvette, a 105-pound sailor easily uphauls a 6.2 meter race sail.

step 1
1. Stretch the Easy-Uphaul and put it on your harness hook.

Step 2
2. Lean back and let your weight do the hard lifting.

Step 3
3. Finish by hand. Note that the Easy-Uphaul self-detaches.

Step 4
Sail away, the Easy-Uphaul shrinks up against the mast.

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